Wirral ProHelp

Wirral ProHelp provides free professional advice and support to local community groups and voluntary organisations. The aim is to ensure that local community groups can access free professional help and advice with issues that might otherwise hinder their work and projects. The focus is to offer support in areas of greatest need, examples of the sorts of projects we help with are:

  • When and how should I negotiate a new lease for my building?
  • Are my employment contracts in good order?
  • How can I adapt my building to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act?
  • Does my organisation need a brand identity?
  • Are my accounting systems robust enough to deal with our growth?

Wirral ProHelp offers access to a range of professional expertise. Members include solicitors, accountants, surveyors, architects, public relations, marketing and management consultants who undertake one-off projects. Community organisations receive the same level of service as a fee-paying client - the only difference is that the community client is not charged for the work undertaken.

Community groups requesting support have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria, which restricts the service to those who:

  • Have a track record of working with the local community
  • Are locally constituted
  • Are unable to pay for professional services

If you would like to have a talk about a project or you think could benefit from assistance from Wirral ProHelp please contact Karl Rooney 0151 353 9700 ext 212 or karl.rooney@vcawirral.org.uk who would be more than happy to see if meet the criteria for free assistance.

Or complete the Application Form and return it to the Co-ordinator with any supporting documents ie Constitution, Annual Report/Accounts.

You can also APPLY ONLINE.

For more information about the support ProHelp offers, see the Community Support Leaflet (opens in new window)

If your company or organisation would like more information about volunteering for Wirral ProHelp, see the Professional Support Leaflet (opens in new window) and contact Karl Rooney on 0151 353 9700 ext 212 or karl.rooney@vcawirral.org.uk.